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The time has come

Don't dwell, just look ahead aru.

23 June
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Hey! I'm cecilebakura....cecile uzumaki cecileuzu cecile-uzumaki bakura AND cecile!xD WOW I have lots of names!xD Will I got to LJ to talk to Kai-sama(You should like watch her vids on youtube! she fucken GOD) Well I have to say that I enjoy this background I found for my JL!^^ only problem is I CAN PUT IT UP...Well realy I don't know how to...If you know PLZ tell me!xD ANY WAYS! I'm going to a carnival carus sooon!xD P.S. I SUCK at spelling. Also NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched this one anime and I'm here to wonder....WHAT THE HELL! I WANT TO KNOW THE ENDING! WHY CLIF HANGER! Also I'm waiting for Chapter 5 volume 5 of koisuru boukun! I need to know what happens next so if you know plz tell me! a translated or a summery of it will be nice for my fantasising!xD WOOOOT! also.....ALLEN X LAVI X KANDA BEST 3 SOME EVER!!!!!