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Jan. 22nd, 2011


So, yesterday was Iggychu day aru~ I was so HYPER yesterday. I even felt nice enough to buy my siblings and my firend ice cream after picking up my brother aru!
I was doing a few things to keep myself sane during the tests (Like playing Shin ne ba ii no nii on my ipod while doing the math exam aru)but the main thing that helped me stay sane was my RP texts aru~

I'm still looking for more people to RP text with aru!
You just have to live in the US aru.

So, I've been deemed the Stocking at my school, along with the Norway at my school was turned to Panty aru.
Nice combo aru.
I've been loving the P&S OST and I've been thinking about singing into my crappy mic again aru. I should only sing one song aru. And no, not D City Rock, I'm talking aboue Fallen Angel, 'cause that's the best song ever aru xDDDDDD

So, I've been thinking I don't really get comments on here, so if you have the time, no matter how short, please, Comment aru! It would mean a lot aru!

Dec. 22nd, 2010

SKYPE. and other things.

Skype was dead for a REALLY long time today aru...

But no ones really talking to me aru...the talking just ended just now after I talked.
I'm loved aru.

So, today, I write about my day, without skype.

At first I went to Dollars, and was there for awhile, but AS ALWAYS, people stopped posting after I posted. LOVED am I aru?

And then I started to stalk around the Kouchagumi comm and read everything I wanted to. I was happy since it was a pairing I LOVE and it NEEDS more love aru.

*cough*IGGYCHU FTW!*cough*

Then I read more fanfiction, like always, what I do, EVERYDAY.

I also got visits from people today aru!!(Since I'm usually a shut in that never leaves her room and stays in room untill someone screams or threatns to take away her internet) First, Austria came to see me aru! :D I was really happy. But the visit went like this.


*door rings, Austria comes in and hands me a present*
Austria: Hey~ China!
Me: yay~ Autria aru!
Ausreia: Here~
Me: Yay~ Thanks aru!
Austria: Okay, I have to go now bye~
Me: DD':

That was the NOT the shortest visit, but hey, it was enough for me to give her a hug aru. <3

Then I had two of the most awesome people come see me aru!
My relatives Ammy and Jose. Ones Chilno the other Japanese. They are so freaking awesome aru!
They were here till they finished dinner and picked lemons from my Lemon orange hybird tree thingy aru.

So, well, I made vegetarian lazania, and to my dismay, after I put it to make, my stepdad yelled at me to go clean my room. And told me if it was not clean I would no longer have internet. So, I ran, cleaned my room, an hour later, I can't eat the food, cause it was cold, I don't want to eat cold food, nor do I want to reheat it, cause I hate reheaded ANYTHING WITH CHEESE ARU. But Pizza, somehow it works aru. xD

But since I had to skype, I was not able to RP with anyone, plus my RPs are dying aru, so if anyone wants they can RP with meeeee~~???

I really need someone to RP with aru!
Cause one, Russia can't text me, cause his phone hates...ME. and England does not seem to want to RP with me aru, I'm RPing with America at the moment aru~ so I am happy aru <3
And I hate crack so I can't go an RP with everyone in the CRACKCHAT, or what they like to call MAIN CHAT. Dear god, I made that chat such a long time ago and from their constant CRACK I was praticaly forced out of there.

It seems like they might be happier with me not there anyways aru. I should just delete myself from the other chats too aru.

Damn aru. ¬3¬ People and their CRACK.

Gah, and I don't really want to talk about LOVE, or crap like that, so I'm going to ignore that aru.

So, let's see aru, MU FAMILY ARU! :D I'm the middle child/sister aru! yay~ I'm happy aru~ <3
I miss my familiy, so I'm happy that we are all going to be on Skype for a family reunion aru.
SO I hope they are there...I wonder if anyones ever going to read this aru >>

How long has it been since I last posted here aru?

Well, It's been over a year aru.

Hey guys!
I was wondering how everyone is?
you know, since I have not been here in such a freaking long time aru.
you can blame Kouchagumi for me coming back here aru <3

...So, this is my HEY I'M BACK!
Post aru xD

Jun. 6th, 2009


I JUST got done reading the new Naruto chapter on onemanga and I was like...WHAT!? I have LOST every bit of respect for sakura! I only gain A TINY bit since she DID SOMETHING*GASP!* and saved Hinata, but She KNOWS Hinata is in love with Naruto but sakura hugs Naruto RIGHT in front of her! FUCK HER! and Then Tsunade is in a coma...I feel bad now, and they need a new hokage...first Kakashi! THEN DON-CRAP! I don't like him. In fanfics he's the one that sells out poor Naruto to the Akatsuki for money!!!>[ THEN IT ENDS THERE!!! THE HELL MAN!?!?!??!

Jun. 3rd, 2009

This is for my deviantart.

What should happen to US and UK in my fanfiction

True love blooms
US runs away leaving UK sad, and ashamed
Change to S.KoreaXChina
Change to GermanyXItaly
NONE(comment on deviantart)
<lj-poll name='' whovote='all' whoview='all'>
<lj-pq type='radio'>
What should happen to US and UK in my fanfiction
<lj-pi>True love blooms</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>US runs away leaving UK sad, and ashamed</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Change to S.KoreaXChina</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Change to GermanyXItaly</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>NONE(comment on deviantart)</lj-pi>

If you have read my fanfiction, please vote, if not, please go here www.cecile-uzumaki.deviantart.com/ 
to read the preview of it.

(no subject)


It's be almost three full, long years but now it's time...Middle school is done and gone.
The last day, June 4th. It's been a good long three years and I made it, I can't even
BELIEVE it! Soon after this I have to go to HIGHSCHOOL and study like crazy. But I
THINK I can do it. I'm going to be taking JAPANESE classes and I'm PRYING for a
good year this year. Also, my BIRTHDAY is coming up and I'm so HAPPY about it.
14 is a good age to be. I HATE FINAL EXAMS! They do nothing but make you feel
like shit. And on finals, I always get COLDS...I hate it. So, how is you'r life so far in
this WEEK?

May. 2nd, 2009

Random stff you may or may not know or care about!


Yes, if you know about Hetalia you know theres a axis called 'Canada'. Matthue(spelling sucks I know) Williams to be exact!xD
So I'll be going there in about 8-7 days. I think 8 since I''m going there may 10th. And...Whats today?O_e
I FOUND DELICIOUS TOMMATO SONG! KAITO VOCAOID VER!xD I love it and its been stuck in my head since this morning! I'm too obbssed!
So...You all just lost the game. REALLY. you people don;t know about the thing I'm about to do as a skit at animevegas~!

Day 2, kaito from vocaloid! I'm so going to rock EVERYONE! I know it! because I want to do it so badly and see everyone there going 'AAHHHH!!!!! DAMN YOUUUU!!!!'xD I can so see that JUST like last year!xD He just walked on stage. "You just lost the game." and everyone was having a yelling fit! AWESOME! and...~Never ganna give you up never ganna let you down!~ you have been ricked rolled!
So cosplay~~~~~~

Day one at anime vegas I'm going as Uzumaki Naruto! I got a Itachi to do yaoi pictures with me! so how about that? I live all this this is so awesome! ITANARU AT ANIMEVEGAS 09!!!! you all better be there this year people I swear!

Day two I'm going to be kaito from vocaloid! I'll so trick everyone of you!xD I WILL! you all are trick-able you would never know! Also I'm looking for someone for yaoi pics there too! I have a len and gack going there so yeah.

Day three is SO D.Gray-Man time!!! since season one part two comes out on my birthday, I'm cosplaying as Allen Walker! I need to find a Kanda AND/OR a Lavi! I got a Allen for Allen X Allen FUN!
So who wants to come!?xD
WITH ME!?!?! The most hypest, loud, jumpy, fangirlest one in the whole convention!xD
HETALIA!~ I want to cosplay Hetalia but I can't!

         .....I would be Italy, Finland, england, japan, OR spain!<3 RUSSIA!!!! ARMY OF RUSSIAS! =O like in sakura con, will they be at animevegas too!?!?!??!?!!=O

and I saw L change the world...I got the code and enterd...I'm awesome

English VER Don't say LAZY

Please don't say "you are LAZY"
Because I'm actually CRAZY
The swans are actually
Kicking there legs hard out of sight
being true and sincere at my instincts,

I accep that I'll be tossed around
That path ahea looks bright
Thats why I take rests sometimes

If there's a shortcut, it's easy way out
If I have wings to use, then it'll be the best

CRAP! I broke a nail!
I'll fix it with glue
That's enought to give me a sense of achievement
What's important is to take good care of yourself
If you can't love youself, then you can't love someone else

Please don't say you are LAZY
Beacuse your actually CRAZY
capable hawks
Hide there picks out of sight

I try to use my imagination
but reality is a bitch
I'm still just lerning
So I'll be out of pitch sometime

I don't own the song. I translated this a long time ago!xD

...I'm going to canada!

Apr. 7th, 2009

(no subject)

nee nee ultimatekai can I have some porn? nee nee ultimatekai nee nee ultimatekai! Why can't I get rid of the pornogrphs in my head? since I saw you watching it that one day! draw a heart it is porn draw a heart it is porn draw a heart it is porn I am a kaimikaze Ah what a wounderful person like a god to me I see her porn collection ULTIMATE!xD(sing like the endling theme of hetaila!xD IT FITS!XD) theres your ultimatekai song! this is made by me! cecilebakura
AND I got realplayer now!xD for my computer and stuff...

Apr. 1st, 2009

(no subject)

Hey all my friends!=D Hows everyone? Well I would like to tell you about this fanfiction I'm making! It on deviantart.com right now!
cecile-uzumaki.deviantart.com is the link to my deviantart account! I have some people watching me and I need more people to see it! and I would like you to read may10babys stuff!!! and pinktangerine..and some numbers at the end..she writes anything for you. or my otoo-san!xD SPELLING!? 
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2880488/18/Youre_Cute_When_you_Scream  Is really good! you should read this! go to the first chapter! I'm too lazy to post the frist chapter but oh well....ITANARU WITH A ONESIDED SASUNARU MAKES ME CRY!!! It does!!! Its so sad and tragic! Like a ture love Naruto thought it was any ways, Sasuke leaves crushing Naruto then Naruto falls for Itachi and then Sasuke comes back wanting Naruto back!!! BASTURED!!! I hate him now! Kind of...

Anyone going to Anime Vegas 09? Kai-sama? can you come??i_i That would be nice if you COULD come to the place!!!
http://www.animevegas.com   Go here for more info! Look at it like a stalker would a pretty lady...or male...O_O

Girugamesh is going! And vic might go! I hope they fucken go to animevegas or I'll be REALLY pissed! My god!
and Kai-sama! I hope you sergury was good!

I went to a eyehommosexual and he was hitting on my brother and my brother liked it till like his boyfriend called him on his cellphone and my brother was all like "I can't do this my botfirends calling" and my eyehomosexual was pissed off!!!!i_i

I might go to Orgeon soon! pease wait for me kai-sama!!!!! I really am going I just don't know when! Also I would like to say that I have gotten Ricked rolled at lest times today. I really need a bath(Random thought).

My familys anoyying!!!! GGGAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I want my brother to turn off the T.V!!!!!!!
NARUTO!!!! WHY NO ON T.V. ANYMORE!?!?!?!? WHYY!Y!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?dfbgm,sdf hbjkr,h\jr hbkjrhkrhbvdm hfvbhmbvfdhvbfmh

OK! Sasuke's a butt head, Naruto's too uke now like...KAWAWII! and Itachi's...ITACHI.O_e

WILLY EAT YOUR PIZZA!!!!!(I typed what I wanted to say out loud said what I wanted to type out loud.)

So, Hows everyones life? Better then mine I say!!! SNIDEL YOU BITCH!!! I HATE YOU! YOU HURT BREE AND NOW YOUR GOING DOWN!!! DOWN LIKE LELOUCH IN THE LAST FUNCKEN EP! I FUCKEN MEAN IT GO DIE BITCH!! I WAS NOT ENT TO A MENTAL HOUSE AND SENT THREE THERAPISTS' TO THE MENTAL HOUSE TOO!!!! I SHEARD A STAL WITH ONE AND SHE WAS FREAKING OUT!!!!! SHE KILLED HERSELF!!! WELCOME TO A FUCKEN MENTAL HELL!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!! I will kill you when you'r sleeping! so if you don't want anything to happen go and stay away from bree and alex cuz she was crying so I will do something to you!!!!

I also have something to say...I DID NOT get into LVA. I'm pissed! WHY!? cuz I can't sight sing? oh well, night everyone in Las Vegas!! and my god kai-sama!!!


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